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Platform recommendations on Battery Regulation

The Platform welcomes the proposal and strongly supports the need for modernisation of existing batteries legislation.

Position paper on CO2 standards for cars and vans

The CO2 standards regulation delivers genuine benefits for transport, setting clear signals to both car makers and consumers on the required pace for the transition to zero-emission mobility

Platform’s proposals to boost zero-emission vehicles in corporate and urban fleets

When fighting against climate change and local pollution, not all vehicles are equal.

Platform’s reply on the revision of EPBD

The Energy Performance of Building Directive is a key to making electromobility real for all.

Our vision on the future of Eurovignette

Ahead of expected long negotiation on Eurovignette revision, the Platform presents its solutions.

Platform’s feedback to the consultation Batteries – modernizing EU rules

The regulation must ensure harmonisation in the internal market and facilitate an accelerated shift to electrified mobility by engaging all parts of the battery supply chain.

Guidance Note on “Recharge and Refuel” Flagship un the Member States recovery plans

This Guidance Paper provides some recommended elements that Member States should prioritise in their recovery plans and that the EU evaluators should look for in evaluating MS plans.

Platform comments the EU Renewable Energy Directive in light of the EU Green Deal

It is critical that the Renewable Energy Directive’s framework for renewables in transport is revised to accelerate the electrification of the transport sector with renewable electricity generation.

An ambitious revision of the AFID consistent with the EU Green Deal

The current AFID was adopted at a time the market for alternative fuels was still an emerging market. Europe must now equip itself with the right public and private charging infrastructure to support the surge of EVs

Our contribution to the revision of CO2 emissions standards

Reaching out a common position on CO2 emissions standards is a major milestone for the electromobility sector.

Platform for Electromobility reaction to the revision of the European Batteries Directive

This legislation will be key to ensuring batteries are both produced in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner, while at the same time, putting the EU firmly on track to meet to achieving its 2050 climate-neutrality.

Input to Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy

The Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy will present the EU Commission’s new vision on mobility and must thus support the further electrification of all modes of transport

Platform response

Public Consultation on the future European Strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility

Electric Vehicles batteries FAQ

A dedicated comprehensive guide to help with all the FAQ you might have about EV lithium-ion Batteries

European Green Deal and Green Recovery: time to focus on Electromobility

Electrification is the strong basis to relaunch the economy and create future-proof jobs fast

Platform recommendations on European Battery Package

Batteries will underpin Europe’s efforts to achieve a climate neutral economy and transport electrification

Electro-Mobility Platform calls on European Heads of State and Government to advance the revision of the Eurovignette Directive

Call on European Heads of State and Government to advance the sustainability of European transport by strengthening the Directive and completing this reform without further delay

A sound energy taxation framework for cleaner transport

Platform recommendations for a new taxation framework

Electro-Mobility Platform comments on the Eurovignette compromise text of 17 April 2019

Reaction to the Council Presidency compromise text of 17 April 2019

Contribution to the EC strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050

This paper outlines the Platform’s position for achieving carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050

Platform reaction to the European Parliament’s vote on Connecting Europe Facility

A budget in line with decarbonisation targets is urgently needed

Emobility Platform statement on Clean Vehicles Directive

Platform’s reaction to the inter-institutional agreement on the CVD

EU VAT reform: setting consistent rules for electric bicycles and other LEVs

Implication of the EU VAT reform for electromobility

Platform reaction to the 2050 decarbonisation strategy

The Long-Term Strategy must drive the electrification of transport

Decarbonising transport by 2050

Joint paper for an ambitious decarbonisation & electrification strategy for mobility

Clean vehicles directive and the transition to zero emission buses

Platform analysis of the CVD’s potential impact on electric bus deployment

Electro-mobility Platform recommendations on the EPBD review Guidance Note

Recommendations to the European Commission for its Guidance Note on the implementation of the revised Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD)

Position Paper concerning the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (including CEF, ERDF, and Horizon 2020)

Platform recommendations on how best to invest the future EU budget

Position paper concerning the inclusion of a life-cycle analysis in the post- 2020 CO2 standards discussion and CVD

Platform recommendations on taking into account life-cycle analysis in the legislation

Tapping the value of smart charging

Electro-mobility Platform recommendations on the EPBD review Guidance Note and the Electricity Market Design

Electro-mobility Platform recommendations to the initiative report “Deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels in the EU: time to act!”

Emobility Platform propositions to accelerate electric charging infrastructure deployment

Electromobility Platform letter to the upcoming Austrian presidency

Platform address to the Austrian presidency, outlining key priorities for the transport agenda

E-Mobility Platform recommendations for trialogues on Renewable Energy Directive Recast

Ahead of the inter-institutional negotiations on the RES Directive Recast, the Platform for Electromobility outlines its key recommendations

Position paper on the clean vehicles directive

Platform recommendations on the clean vehicle directive recast

How EU Member States roll-out electric-mobility: Electric Charging Infrastructure in 2020 and beyond

Emobility platform analysis of the current and planned future roll-out of EV charging infrastructure

Platform letter to COREPER I Ambassadors on the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

This letter outlines the platform’s recommendations relating to electro-mobility infrastructure provisions in Article 8 of the EPBD

Platform letter to COREPER I ambassadors on the Recast Renewable Energy Directive

This letter outlines Platform recommendations on transport related provisions

Financing resilient electric recharging infrastructure

An Electro-Mobility Platform recommendations paper

Second joint statement on road tolling

Reaction to the proposal of 31 May 2017 by the European Commission for a revised 'Eurovignette' Directive (1999/62/EC) on road charging

Clean vehicle directive recast: how to make it work

Platform recommendations for the revision of the Clean Vehicles Directive

Joint statement on Road Tolling

The EU should encourage tolls as a smart taxation system that promote sustainable transport behaviour.

The Energy Union Strategy

A plug-in plan for making Europe the world’s leader in electro-mobility

Infrastructure deployment in Europe: executive summary

Accelerating Electric Recharging Infrastructure Deployment in Europe - Executive Summary

Position paper

Accelerating Electric Recharging Infrastructure Deployment in Europe - Position Paper of the Platform for Electro-Mobility

Full position paper

Europe needs electro-mobility to decarbonise transport.

Non-Exhaust Emissions of Electric Cars

Electro-mobility offers an unequalled solution to make Europe’s transport clean, low carbon, quiet, more efficient and less dependent on imported energy.

Letter – Decarbonise Europe’s transport sector

Electro-mobility is key to decarbonise Europe’s transport sector within the Energy Union.

Platform input Transport White Paper

This paper contains the response of the Platform for the Electrification of Surface Transport to the European Commission consultation on the White Paper: Roadmap for a single European transport area.