Our recommendations for a fair and sustainable electric mobility transition

Affordable clean cars for all

Our latest recommendations:

Our recommendations for RePowerEUOur recommendations on Clean Vehicle Directive

A socially fair and responsible transition

Our latest recommendations:

Making the mobility transition a social success

Charging stations accessible for all

Our latest recommendations:

The 10 points for success of the new AFIROur recommandations on EPBD (Art. 12)

Carbon neutrality in freight transport in 2050

Our latest recommendations:

Almost all newly registered HDVs (including long-haul) should be 100% zero emission by 2035

Our series “Braking barriers to e-mobility”

Adapt existing legislations to new mobility

Adapting driving licences directiveNeed for a just transition frameworkNeed for decarbonisation plan for rail

The Platform continuously develops practical and policy solutions to addressing barriers and support European policies for sustainable transport.

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“A Contresens” documentary in the European Parliament – Replay

A documentary separating the facts from the fiction about electromobility!
Live-streamed debate from the EP on 7th September - 18:00

[Video] Batteries are well placed to help Europe navigate the ‎current energy crisis

The Platform for electromobility salutes the Czech Presidency’s emphasis on promoting the energy security amid these uncertain ‎times, and want to stress that batteries are naturally well placed to help Europe navigate the ‎current energy crisis.

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