Electro-mobility can make transport cleaner and cheaper

But to move more people and goods using electricity, we need EU policies, programmes and initiatives that support synergies between the transport and energy sectors.

This platform unites organisations from across civil society, industries, and transport modes. Its members are committed to promote electro-mobility and strive to collectively develop solutions to electrify European transport, and to promote those solutions to the EU institutions and Member States.

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Event: Leading the e-mobility transition – Time to act

The Clean Mobility Package can provide the regulatory framework to allow for the electrification of the transport sector

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Enough public chargers planned; infrastructure can’t be blamed for the slow uptake of EVs – analysis

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Position Paper concerning the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (including CEF, ERDF, and Horizon 2020)

Platform recommendations on how best to invest the future EU budget

Position paper concerning the inclusion of a life-cycle analysis in the post- 2020 CO2 standards discussion and CVD

Platform recommendations on taking into account life-cycle analysis in the legislation

Tapping the value of smart charging

Electro-mobility Platform recommendations on the EPBD review Guidance Note and the Electricity Market Design

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