Platform recommendations on Battery Regulation

The Platform welcomes the proposal and strongly supports the need for modernisation of existing batteries legislation.

Position paper on CO2 standards for cars and vans

The CO2 standards regulation delivers genuine benefits for transport, setting clear signals to both car makers and consumers on the required pace for the transition to zero-emission mobility

Platform’s proposals to boost zero-emission vehicles in corporate and urban fleets

When fighting against climate change and local pollution, not all vehicles are equal.

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Press Release – Platform’s first reactions to the publication of the Fit for 55 package

The Platform for electromobility supports a package that will give the EU the means to achieve the objective of net zero by 2050 and that will support a rapid development of electromobility in Europe.

Press Release – Preparing the EU automotive industry and its workers for the transition to clean mobility

Publication of the study "Electromobility: a green boost for automotive jobs in Europe?" - BCG

Op-ed: An integrative electromobility system needs an integrative legislative framework

There isn't a single solution or a magic transport mode, all modes have a specific role to play in this symphonia.

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🎙 "The #energy aspect is also key to success of #electromobility and bring all stakeholders together is an important factors."

@PhilippeVangeel, Secretary General of @AVERE_EU - told us why they joined the Platform for electromobility and their main message.

⚡ The Platform for #electromobility pushed for it, the @EU_Commission proposed it : the fuel credit exchange mechanism in the recast of the #renewableenergy Directive
Let's work together to perfectionate the proposal and make it happen!


🎙 "Making sure we dont have a #twospeedEurope in terms of #charginginfrastructures by transforming these differences into a booster for deployment"

@BadikP, founder of @GWOperator told us why they joined the Platform and their main message here :

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