Fuel-neutral credit trading mechanism : explained by our WG Chair [Video]

Ahead of the revision of the Renewable energy directive, we propose a concrete solution to implement an accounting mechanism for electricity.

Platform’s reply on the revision of EPBD

The Energy Performance of Building Directive is a key to making electromobility real for all.

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@ALLRAIL_EU @EUClimateAction @Transport_EU @EP_Transport @Germanwatch @transenv @BackOnTrackEU @BackOnTrackBE @CER_railways @AnnaDeparnay @JakopDalunde Banning flights on routes where good rail alternatives are available is not only a clever step, it is a necessary step to achieve #climateneutrality. And we can start right away 👇 #EUYearofRail

🖥 Still a major polluter, the tranportation sector will be transformed by the #Fitfor55 package. Join us and
@DanielMesEU to discuss how the package should make #electromobility a key to reach climate neutrality.

Register here: https://www.platformelectromobility.eu/2021/04/19/fit-for-55-how-to-make-europe-lead-on-electromobility/

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