Platform recommendations on Battery Regulation

The Platform welcomes the proposal and strongly supports the need for modernisation of existing batteries legislation.

Position paper on CO2 standards for cars and vans

The CO2 standards regulation delivers genuine benefits for transport, setting clear signals to both car makers and consumers on the required pace for the transition to zero-emission mobility

Platform’s proposals to boost zero-emission vehicles in corporate and urban fleets

When fighting against climate change and local pollution, not all vehicles are equal.

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Op-ed: An integrative electromobility system needs an integrative legislative framework

There isn't a single solution or a magic transport mode, all modes have a specific role to play in this symphonia.

What would an ambitious AFID look like : explained by our WG Chair [Video]

Ahead of the revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructures Directive, Claire Vandewalle (UFE) underlines the needs for an ambitious text to accelerate electromobility transition.

Fuel-neutral credit trading mechanism : explained by our WG Chair [Video]

Ahead of the revision of the Renewable energy directive, we propose a concrete solution to implement an accounting mechanism for electricity.

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🔜 🗓 #registernow for a first-hand insight of what will be the impacts on the industrial jobs when Europe will turn to #electromobility. A study led by @BCG with @Platform4eMob

#CO2emissions set clear signals to both #carmakers and #consumers on the required pace for the transition to #zeroemissions mobility.🎯 Yes the sector of #electromobility has a loud, clear, unique position on the revision of CO2 emissions standards.

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