Six thematic Working Groups each chaired by a Platform members

Work programme is delivered through Working Groups. Any member may participate in any working group. Members are free to participate in all, in a party of the Working Groups. Working Group Leader, appointed by unanimity of WG memebrs, coordinate the activities.

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Charging stations accessible for all

WG Infrastructure

The WG will work on designed the best legislative framework for a sustainable, user- and grid-friendly network of public and private charging infrastructure. The main focus will be the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation and the Energy Performance of Building Directive. The WG is currently chaired by:

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Carbon neutrality in freight transport in 2050

WG Logistics & buses

The main objective of the WG will be to influence the revision of the CO2 Standards for trucks and buses to be published by the European Commission at the end of 2022. The WG is also expecting to work on the Greening Freight Package once published. The WG is currently chaired by:

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WG Supply Chain

The WG will aim at providing policy makers with regulatory solutions to ensure sustainability, via strong circularity models and economic viability of the value chain of electric mobility via a set of recommendations for the Critical Raw Materials Act, the Circular Car Initiative, Battery Regulations... The WG is currently chaired by:

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A smart and clean energy mix

WG Energy

The WG will develop policy solutions and sensibilization to the opportunities of transport electrification for the deployment of renewable energy sources via smart charging solutions and responsible data management system. The Renewable Energy Directive as well as solutions proposed in REPowerEU and In-vehicle generated data directive will be on the agenda. The WG is chaired by:

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WG Fleet

The WG will advise the European Commission on delivering the legislation to mandate the decarbonization of public and private fleet as voted by the European Parliament in the CO2 Standards for cars and vans and in REPowerEU. In the longer term, reflections will lay on the electrification of circulating fleet. The WG is currently chaired by:

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A European industry to deliver climate objectives

WG EU Industrial Strategy

The WG is developing a series of recommendation to deliver the Green Deal in a sustainable, secure, autonomous way. Four pillars constitute the scope fo the WG: international trade, human resources, state aids, and strategic investments. The WG is currently chaired the European Climate Foundation and:

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