Net Zero Investment Plan

Area 7: Invest in new, decarbonised fleets (5.7%)

Accelerating the transition to sustainable transport involves electrifying corporate and leasing car fleets, van and truck fleets, and acquiring zero-emission trains, with targeted funding and incentives playing a crucial role in promoting widespread adoption and achieving ambitious climate goals.

Share of investment needs dedicated to fleets renewal

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Fleet renewal Priorities

Electrification of Corporate and Leasing Car Fleets

Electrification of Van and Truck Fleets

Acquisition of Zero-Emission Trains

  1. Electrification of Corporate and Leasing Car Fleets

Electrification of corporate and leasing car fleets presents a significant opportunity for accelerating the transition to sustainable transport. A European ‘Marshall Plan’, akin to the post-COVID recovery plan, could play a pivotal role in expediting fleet renewal over a ten-year period. By providing targeted funding and incentives, Europe can encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles within corporate and leasing fleets, thus reducing emissions, promoting innovation and stimulating economic growth.

  1. Electrification of Van and Truck Fleets

Electrification of van and truck fleets is essential for achieving ambitious climate goals and reducing emissions from the transport sector. Investing in electrification of commercial fleets can yield substantial environmental and economic benefits.

  1. Acquisition of Zero-Emission Trains

As Europe transitions to zero-emission transport, there is a pressing need to acquire new zero-emission rolling stock to replace ageing diesel fleets. Given that the average lifespan of rolling stock in Europe is approximately 30 years, targeted investments in zero-emission trains will be crucial for phasing out diesel propulsion and advancing rail electrification efforts. Infrastructure managers and operators – particularly in Central and Eastern Europe where rolling stock fleets are older – stand to benefit significantly from investments in new zero-emission rolling stock. By supporting the acquisition of zero-emission trains, Europe can modernise its rail infrastructure, reduce emissions and promote sustainable mobility throughout the continent.