Net Zero Investment Plan

Area 4: Invest to create a circularity value chain (10.0%)

Investing in recycling, urban mining, second-life batteries, and repairability is key for resource sustainability and circular economy in Europe, necessitating coordinated efforts and incentives for efficiency and environmental benefits.

Share of investment needs dedicated to circularity

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Circularity Priorities


Minin, Remining & Urban miness

Second-Life of batteriest


  1. Recycling

Investing in integrated recycling and repurposing facilities, in order to collect, dismantle and recover valuable metals from these sources, is essential for reducing reliance on primary mining and enhancing resource sustainability. By prioritising development of recycling infrastructure, Europe can establish a robust supply chain for critical metals and promote circular economy principles in the battery industry, ultimately contributing to the continent’s energy transition goals. Developing the EU’s recycling capabilities is paramount to retaining valuable materials within Europe and reducing dependency on imports. Incentivising the colocation of battery manufacturing and recycling facilities can streamline material flows, minimise environmental impact and use resources more efficiently.

  1. Mining, Remining and Urban Mines

Europe possesses a valuable resource in its so-called ‘urban mines’. These include used batteries and waste materials, which can be effectively leveraged to secure essential metals for battery production.

  1. Second-Life Batteries and 18. Repairability

Maximising the lifespan of batteries is essential for addressing the limited availability of raw materials within the EU. Embracing second-life battery programmes and implementing robust repairability requirements for both batteries and EVs can extend their usefulness and promote a thriving second-hand market. By incentivising reuse and repair of batteries and vehicles, Europe can reduce waste, lower its environmental footprint and unlock economic opportunities in the circular economy.