Electro-mobility can make transport cleaner and cheaper

But to move more people and goods using electricity, we need EU policies, programmes and initiatives that support synergies between the transport and energy sectors.

This platform unites organisations from across civil society, industries, and transport modes. Its members are committed to promote electro-mobility and strive to collectively develop solutions to electrify European transport, and to promote those solutions to the EU institutions and Member States.

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“A Contresens” documentary in the European Parliament – Replay

A documentary separating the facts from the fiction about electromobility!
Live-streamed debate from the EP on 7th September - 18:00

[Video] Batteries are well placed to help Europe navigate the ‎current energy crisis

The Platform for electromobility salutes the Czech Presidency’s emphasis on promoting the energy security amid these uncertain ‎times, and want to stress that batteries are naturally well placed to help Europe navigate the ‎current energy crisis.

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The added-value of electricity for mobility

Platform for electromobility Statement on the AFIR before Vote in TRAN

Our Position Paper on the revision of the HDV CO2 emission standards

Road freight is responsible for 24% of the EU’s transport emissions. The revision of HDV CO2 standards should align the CO2 targets for the sector with those of the EU’s overall 55% GHG reduction target in 2030 and the climate neutrality target of 2050.

Statement on EP ITRE Committee on RED ahead of Plenary vote

This RED represents an unmissable opportunity to achieve two strongly related public policy objectives: accelerate the transport sector’s transition and modernize the legislative framework for renewable energy for Europe’s transport system

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