The Platform for electromobility supports the launch of a public consultation on the Greening Corporate Fleets Initiative .

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The members of the Platform for electromobility, a leading advocate for sustainable mobility and environmental development, hereby publicly expresses their strong support for the Greening Corporate Fleets Initiative included in the European Commission’s work program for 2023 and called for by the European Parliament in May 2022.

We understand that it will be difficult to launch and complete this initiative before the end of the Commission’s mandate in 2024. We would however very positively welcome the launch of a public consultation on this very important topic to collect as much data and information to guarantee the success of such an initiative at a later date.

The Greening Corporate Fleets Initiative represents a vital step toward accelerating the transition to electric mobility, ensuring a sustainable future for both our environment and society. By calling for a comprehensive framework for corporate fleet emissions reduction, this initiative aligns with our previous policy recommendations on the matter (the reasons, the concerns and the methods). We firmly believe that it presents an excellent opportunity to drive meaningful change while safeguarding the interests of the most modest individuals who should not bear the sole burden of the transition.

The environmental benefits of the Greening Corporate Fleets Initiative cannot be overstated. By incentivizing and supporting the adoption of electric vehicles across corporate fleets which are now electrifying slower than private vehicles[1], we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the impacts of transportation on our climate. This aligns with the ambitious climate targets set forth in the European Green Deal.

Furthermore, the social aspect of this initiative should not be overlooked. By focusing on corporate fleets, the Greening Corporate Fleets Initiative ensures a fair distribution of the costs associated with the transition to greener mobility solutions. As stated above, by shouldering a portion of the burden, corporations can contribute to building a more sustainable future while least-well-off families are not unduly burdened by the costs of this transition.

Moreover, the initiative’s emphasis on creating a robust second-hand market for electric vehicles is commendable. A thriving secondary market for EVs will not only enhance the affordability of these vehicles but also encourage the wider adoption of clean transport solutions. By stimulating the circular economy, this initiative will unlock significant economic and environmental benefits.

In conclusion, the Platform supports the Greening Corporate Fleets Initiative and encourages DG MOVE to promptly initiate a public consultation on this crucial matter. We believe that by working collaboratively, policymakers, industry stakeholders, and citizens can co-create a sustainable mobility landscape that fosters environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic growth.


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