Open letter

Calling co-legislators for swift progress on the revision of the Weight and Dimensions Directive

To European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans
To the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina-Ioana Vălean

To Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Spain to the European Union, D. Marcos Alonso Alonso

To the Presidents of the TRAN and ENVI Committees of the European Parliament, Karima Delli and Pascal Canfin
To the Presidents of the European Parliament Political Groups,

Our open letter with ACEA and Hydrogen Europe


We, the undersigned representatives from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the Platform for electromobility and Hydrogen Europe, representing the majority of industry stakeholders and civil society in vehicle manufacturing, direct electrification and hydrogen value chain, are writing to highlight the crucial role of establishing a full set of enabling conditions to support the transition of the European road transport industry to climate neutrality by 2050. The Review of the Weights & Dimensions (W&D) Directive is one crucial element of the regulatory framework to facilitate the market uptake of zero-emission, battery-electric and hydrogen-powered trucks and buses. We are concerned that any further delays and persistent uncertainty surrounding a timely adoption and implementation of a revised Weights and Dimensions Directive would be detrimental to our joint climate neutrality ambition and the EU target of 90% transport emission reduction by 2050.

Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) will have to become the backbone of road transport if the sector is to reach its decarbonisation targets. Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) come with additional requirements with respect to available space in the vehicles, total vehicle weight and axle weights. These ddifferences to vehicles powered by fossil fuels should be addressed in the review with an aim to remove any barriers that can hinder their market uptake and firmly place them on a level playing field with vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

The Review should specifically:

  • Simplify the Directive as much as possible and ensure a fully harmonized implementation in Member States
  • Provide additional weight allowances for zero-emission vehicles and adjust the provisions for axle weights and vehicle length to accommodate the requirements of zero-emission powertrains.
  • Ensure intermodal compatibility in the revision of the Weights & Dimensions Directive.

The Weights & Dimensions Directive must be seen as a key enabler of the transition to climate neutrality and should as such also be acknowledged by the co-legislators.

ACEA, the Platform for electromobility, and Hydrogen Europe are united in calling on the European institutions, namely the European Commission, the incoming Spanish Council Presidency, the European Parliament and EU Member States to prioritize making the necessary adjustments in the Weights & Dimensions framework. It is imperative that progress is made swiftly to remove barriers in the Weights & Dimensions framework that may hinder the market adoption of zero-emission trucks and buses.

We trust that you share our sense of urgency and will take the necessary steps to ensure that Europe establishes a coherent and supportive regulatory framework to enable the swift decarbonisation of road transport and seizes the opportunities provided by sustainable mobility.


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