Completing the charging requirements for new and under major renovation buildings.

The Platform asks to complete the charging requirements for new buildings and buildings undergoing renovation in order to mandate the deployment of smart-charging ready recharging points in all new and existing buildings.

Key recommendations:

  • Include depot charging for heavy- and light-duty vehicles, i.e. extending the scope of the EPBD to cover new or renovated private depots, as well as logistic hubs and distribution centres. This would require them to be ready for future battery electric truck charging (350 kW+ chargers), so that trucks can conveniently charge while loading/unloading. This should include pre-equipment, as well as an appropriate grid connection.
  • Charging facilities for e-bikes should match those for e-cars. There are two options:
    • recharging points for electric vehicles would be equipped with a household power socket, allowing for the easy charging of both e-bikes and e-scooters as well as certain types of L-category vehicles such as e-mopeds, or
    • deploy a separate bicycle charging infrastructure, with dedicated bicycle recharging points.
  • The requirements should apply to all buildings that are undergoing a major renovation, regardless of whether the car park is included in the renovation measures.
  • Greater ambition for parking spaces for non-residential buildings; there should be a minimum of 50% of parking spaces with charging points.