Electro-mobility can make transport cleaner and cheaper


But to move more people and goods using electricity, we need EU policies, programmes and initiatives that support synergies between the transport and energy sectors.

This platform unites organisations from across civil society, industries, and transport modes. Its members are committed to promote electro-mobility and strive to collectively develop solutions to electrify European transport, and to promote those solutions to the EU institutions and Member States.



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Press release

Major transport and energy groups sound alarm on e-mobility: Europe must accelerate infrastructure plans

Event – 28 March – EU Parliament

Going forward with electro-mobility

European Mobility Week

Discover electro-mobility in European cities

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Joint statement on Road Tolling

The EU should encourage tolls as a smart taxation system that promote sustainable transport behaviour.

The Energy Union Strategy

A plug-in plan for making Europe the world’s leader in electro-mobility


Accelerating Electric Recharging Infrastructure Deployment in Europe – Executive Summary

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