The Platform for electromobility therefore fully supports the revision of the EPBD presented in December 2021, as it is the main EU legislation for addressing private charging. The introduction of Art. 12 in the Commission’s proposal, which relates to electromobility in buildings, is therefore central to supporting zero-emission mobility in the EU. In particular, the Platform welcomes the:

  • Guarantee to the right-to-plug in all buildings and the removal of regulatory barriers (Art. 12. 8)
  • Obligatory pre-cabling of all new and under-renovation buildings.
  • Requirement for smart charging-readiness for all new and renovated chargers, as well as bidirectional chargers (V2G) when appropriate (Art. 12.6)
  • Reinforcement of the charging requirements for new and renovated buildings (Art. 12.1, 12.2 and 12.4)
  • Lowering of the existing parking space thresholds for pre-cabling and installation of charge points for all new and renovated non-residential buildings (Art. 12.1, 12. 4)
  • Requirements for bicycle parking (Art. 12.1 – 12.4)
  • Suppression of the unnecessary exemptions, particularly those applied to SMEs in article 8(4).