EU Elections

Compilation of Electromobility Stakeholders' Manifestos for 2024-2029

A unique document for policy-makers to tackle challenges ahead of us and make electric mobility transition a success for people, climate and businesses.

Download the compilation here

Europe’s future, decarbonised mobility ecosystem will be composed by a myriad of stakeholders. To make the energy transition a success, they all present both specific and cross-sectoral needs. All presented in this unique document.

Hereby, we present a unique compilation of the political manifestos from several members of the Platform for Electromobility. It stands as a testament to the collective effort and unified vision driving the advancement of electric mobility across all sustainable modes of transportation; but also showcases the diversity of legislative measures and political steps that remain to be taken for each and every sectors.

Within these manifestos lie the cornerstone recommendations crucial for the development and integration of electric mobility into European societies and economies. They stem from a diverse range of entities spanning industries, associations, NGOs, and local authorities, underscoring the breadth and depth of stakeholder involvement in shaping the decarbonised mobility ecosystem. As we approach the EU elections, this consolidated document serves as an exceptional resource for policymakers and stakeholders alike, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the priorities and aspirations of all the sectors composing the clean mobility system of tomorrow.

Transpiring from all manifestos presented here are cross-sectoral imperatives captured by the triple priority : Implement, Invest, Industrialise. Implement the Green Deal’s legislative measures. Invest to make the Green Deal a concrete reality. And industrialise to make the Green Deal beneficial for all Europeans, climate, people and businesses alike. These overarching goals gathered in the Platform for Electromobility’s manifesto, represent the pillars upon which our collective success rests. I invite you to delve into this compilation and explore the nuanced perspectives and unique contributions of each sector. Each of them is a milestone on the path towards a sustainable, electrified mobility.

Access each individual manifesto for 2024-2029 below.