Manifesto introduction

Now is time to
put Green Deal into action

The agreement to pursue zero emissions for Europe’s new cars and vans by 2035 has set a clear direction and an unequivocal target for sustainable transport measures; with the last legislative session providing backing for the European Green Deal. We fully back these efforts, and urge support through enhancements to the existing charging infrastructure, the development of alternatives such as a strong rail network and a sustainable batteries value chain.

However, in order to make the Green transition a reality, and bring its benefits to people, the planet and business, it is vital that we act now. Making the transition to e-mobility must be a priority, not simply to deliver environmental sustainability but also to reinforce the EU’s industrial strength, security and competitiveness.

Now is the time to put the Green Deal into action

The Green Deal, its technologies and fully electric transport modes will significantly reduce Europe’s dependency on fossil fuels. Recent geopolitical events have shown the importance of ensuring energy security and resource independence.

The Green Deal will also make the EU a global leader in the sustainable transport industries. It will position Europe as an authoritative voice on the need for climate change action while bringing welcome economic growth and the creation of high-quality jobs.

The Green Deal will allow Europe to prioritise the quality of life of its current and future workforce. This will see the highest social standards put in place to protect the interests and livelihoods of Europe’s workers, both now and as part of a sustainable future.

An effective green industrial policy will bring the benefits of Europe’s Green Deal to all.

Continuing and rapid decarbonisation is crucial: but it must be done in such a way that preserves Europe’s competitiveness. Nowhere is this more important than in transport and mobility. The Platform for electromobility – an alliance of companies, cities and NGOs – brings the knowledge and expertise to make an effective and efficient mobility transition a reality.