Net Zero Industrial Act
Explained by Matteo Barisione, UNIFE

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The Net Zero Industry Act, a mere response to the U.S. IRA?

Matteo: Yes and No. The Commission’s proposal goes beyond a mere response to the American Inflation Reduction Act. It is an accelerator for clean tech using regulatory rather than financial measures. And the Platform really sees the proposal as an enabler for a competitive transition to electric mobility.

But in its scope, the Net Zero Industry Act mirrors the IRA too much. It needs to consider European transport system specificities and the whole value chain of e-mobility.

Third screen: How to improve the Net Zero Industry Act?

Matteo: Although we welcome the inclusion of batteries, charging infrastructures and grid technologies as Strategic Net Zero Technologies, we remain concerned about the lack of recognition of the entire electric mobility value chain: Net Zero Technologies should extend to include other EV-enabling technologies like V2G component manufacturers, and – as you can see we chose to talk today from a rail station – all zero-emission modes.

Forth screen: Extending the scope at the expense of existing sectors?

Matteo: Because the Act is a regulatory tool, not a financial one, extending its scope does not take anything away from the sectors already included.

In recent position papers, we detailed the financial and non-financial measures the co-legislators should bring up to make this industrial act truly European – so do go check it out!