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NextETRUCK is a 3-year Horizon Europe project that develops ZEV concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage.




Istanbul - Utrecht - Barcelona


1 July 2022 until 31 December 2025



Ertico - AVL - datik - Panion - Jema - Ford Otosan - Iriza - Tevvia - TNO - VUB - tecnalia - cidetec - AIT - Cenex



Main questions

NextETRUCK provides a sustainable solution to bring zero-emission electric medium freight haulage, playing a pioneering role in the decarbonisation of vehicle fleets and accelerating sustainable market replenishment.

Main findings

NextETRUCK seeks to

  • Build concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage with at least a 10% increase in energy efficiency compared to existing highest-end benchmark electric vehicles.
  • Develop new fleet management tools and charging infrastructure to reach full electrification in the operation of zero-emission vehicles, safeguarding energy efficiency
  • Prepare concept and infrastructure demonstrators for fast charging.
  • Offer new business models to increase end-user acceptance and foster the market uptake of the project solutions.
  • Contribute to climate goals, particularly on local air quality.

massive deployment of electric vehicles


NextETRUCK has received funding from the European Union Horizon Innovation Actions programme under grant agreement No 101056740. The UK participants in this project are co-funded by the UK.