Interview withAmélie Pans, 2022 chair of the Platform

WG Leaders will make sure to come up with excellent workplan for 2022, but beside the content, what do you think the Platform should focus on in 2022?  

The number of files relevant to the Platform keeps growing but our days weirdly are still 24-hours long. So I would recommend to refocus on key files and ensure we have a strong impact of each of them. I do not have strong recommendations on which to put up the list but that can be discussed within WGs. Secondly, I’d like to look for the Platform to gain efficiency in our internal discussions, reduce the amount of exchanged emails and multiplication of versions of our draft papers. And finally, the Platform should communicate externally more effectively  

How could the Platform communicate more effectively as you say?  

2022 will be a fight for attention among stakeholders and associations like us to talk with policy makers and raise our issues in the public debate. We’ll have to join efforts to talk louder than others. We all spend a lot of time to come up with Platform’s positions, organize events and so on; we don’t do that to put the papers up on the shelf but to communicate them around. An easy step forward would be to share them on our personal social media for example.  

You mentioned the importance of a gender balance governance, it is true that women are still underrepresented in the whole transport industry. What do you want to say  

Although it is outside the scope of the Platform to advocate for gender balance policies, we should make sure to lead by example here. Even before I take the chairwomanship, I must say with Emilia, Claire, Marie-France, Chiara and Sarah leading our working groups and Julia being our vice-chair the Platform was always at the forefront of the fight. What can we do more? There are many of transport and energy female leaders at EU and global – how about a series of interview with them to shine a light and inspire others?  And we should also walk the talk by ensuring that panels at our own events are always balanced. 

Since its birth in 2015, the Platform has been growing covering more parts of the value chain. In which direction would you like to see the Platform grow in 2022? 

Beside growing its impact on social media, I think we should also think about contacting allies outside the box. For example, the Platform could go and meet the navigator providers (Waze, Google…) regarding the mapping of the charging stations. We can also get in relation with builder associations when it comes to the EPBD to show them the added value of the charging infrastructures. 

By the way, I’d like to take some times to meet with members to discuss all those points and more during informal chat. You can plan a meeting here.